What Attracts Flies – Hard To Kill But Not Impossible To Achieve

What Attracts Flies

Flies are like the buzzards of the bug world. They are usually not far behind a dead animal or spoiled food and stinky trash. Just to name a few. Flies love these kinds of things and in this post, I will discuss what attracts flies.

Keep in mind that there are a vast amount of fly types. I will touch on that also. All flies aren’t the same.


What Attracts Flies

What attracts flies

Flies are scavengers basically. They seek and look for any and everything they can get their mouths on. They aren’t, particularly into humans. They don’t attack you like mosquitos and bed bugs. At least the common flies don’t common flys are usually into foods and other things.

Like the following

  • Filth
  • Poop
  • Dead Things In General That Is Decomposing
  • Rotten Foods
  • Rotten Meat
  • Rotten Fruits
  • Sweets
  • Spilled Sugary Drinks and Alcohol


All of these things attract flies and if you have a window open in the spring or summer time depending on your location. You will have a house full. You generally don’t see them come in. They kind of just appear and disappear and reappear again.

What Attracts Flies

You know how flys do. It’s extremely hard to catch them. They are quick and have reaction times out of this word. Making them annoying and the scum of all pests. They will land on you and even crawl on you if you don’t move and let them.

Smacking it with your hand is out of the question. They are too fast and will fly away before your hand even gets close to them.


How To Fix A Fly Issue

You could invest in a fly swatter. Fly swatters are basic and simple. But they get the job done. Not everyone is fast enough or has the hand and eye coordination to use them properly. So I have another route for you. It’s a thing called a bug zapper.

What Attracts Flies

Yes, it literally fries the bug with an electrical charge. It’s made up like a tennis racket. But has a screen that covers both sides. With openings on each just small enough for a flying buy to get caught inside. Once the bug hits the inner part of the bug zapper while you are holding it and pressing the zap button.

You will see/hear a pop and that’s a sign that your job is done. Whatever you were trying to kill is defiantly dead now. Sometimes if you hook them real good they stay attached to the inside. Allowing you to fry the vermin to a roast.

What Attracts Flies

It will literally burn the thing to a crisp and will have a fried smell coming from the bug zapper. You don’t have to be this extreme with it. But if you want to you can. Keep it away from small children. They could easily stick their hands in the inside and shock themselves. My last offers for you are bug lights and bug glue strips.

All you do with either is hang them up and let them do the work for you. Not sure how comfortable you would be with a bug light hanging inside your home. They are usually placed outside and turned on when it gets dark. But they are effective and they kill bugs like clockwork.

What Attracts Flies

Especially the flying ones. I don’t know why bugs are attracted to light so much. But they are and this will be the last light they see. The glue strips are ideal for the inside. All you do is hang them up and let them do the rest.

They do have a funky smell to them. It attracts flies and soon it will be filled with flies and a few other unlucky bugs the landed onto it.  Once it’s filled throw it away and use another one if necessary. It’s simple as that.


Types Of Flies

What Attracts Flies
Horse Fly
  • Horse Fly – These flys are big and they do bite humans. If you have ever been bitten by one you know the havoc they can bring upon your life.
What Attracts Flies
Bluebottle Fly
  • Bluebottle Fly – Are better known as common flys. These are the main ones I’m referring to in this post.
What Attracts Flies
Cluster Fly
  • Cluster Fly – Usually stay to themselves and only come seeking warm shelter during winter time. They usually fly around windows or light during sunny winter days.
What Attracts Flies
Sand Fly
  • Sand Fly – These flys usually are located by sandy river banks and damp soil filled areas. You won’t encounter these too often.
What Attracts Flies
Fruit Fly
  • Fruit Fly – The name says it all.
What Attracts Flies
House Fly
  • House Fly – Houseflies carry disease they are attracted to all things that the common fly are attached to. Although they don’t bite you. They do get all over your food and things you put your mouth on. Being that they carry disease this can be very harmful to you.
What Attracts Flies
Flesh Fly
  • Flesh Fly – They are attracted to waste dead things and will bite if you let them.


These are most of the flies that you have to worry about. Or would at least have the likelier chance of encountering. There are others but they are really worth mentioning in this particular post.



You now have the inside scoop on flies what attracts them and more. Take this information and share it with someone you know. Feel free to comment also. Thank you for visiting and I hope you learned something new. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. My previous job regarded working in a butcher’s shop, flies were a common pest, like you mention here they are attracted to waste food as the smell attracts which lead us to keep the bone and fat bins in the fridge away from attraction.

    We used to have the blue zap electric lights situated on the walls and installed fly screens across the open windows to prevent them coming in, they certainly are a nuisance in any food area, imperative prevention stipulations are put into place to stop their attraction.

    The main thing regarding a home regards placing food out of sight in the fridge, any food left out will bring them indoors, there’s no doubt.

    I have never used the bug zapper shaped like a tennis racket before, sounds like a good piece of kit for fly squatting. Have you used the bug zapper?
    Thanks for informing me,

    1. Yes I own one personally. It is so much more satisfying than a fly swatter in my opinion. There is just s sense of satisfaction you’ll get once you catch the pest that has been hovering passed your face and on your food on the zapper and inflict instant revenge.

  2. I have a lot of flies coming into my work office. I’m not sure why they like coming in, I don’t have food, spilled drinks, or anything on your list, but they do flock to the light. I want to get an electric fly swatter, would seem easier to kill them than swinging clipboards. Thanks for the tips

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