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What Attracts Fleas

Fleas are similar to bed bugs and do not wish to eat your food. They aren’t even attracted to it. Just like bedbugs, they are attracted to you and your warmth. Along with a few other things like carbon dioxide and vibrations.

This can go for just about any mammal. All mammals are subject to contracting fleas. If you do or have a pet that does. It can be a nightmare to get rid of them.

Since you can hardly see them. They are extremely small and you usually can’t see them with the naked eye unlesss you are right up on them.

Even then they can jump really high and far and disappear. You may think this is no issue one or two fleas jumping around yea so what.


But this is the thing when fleas are present it’s usually more than one or two. It’s likely hundreds of them and they bite.

It hurts and leaves marks. So imagine you sitting on your couch and constantly being bitten by tiny fleas all day. It would drive you nuts.

They often target the legs and feet of humans. But can infest the entire body of a cat or dog etc.

It is ideal to keep stray domestic pets away from yours. They are more likely to be carrying fleas and a host of other potentially harmful things.

What Attracts Fleas
Dog Flea

What Attracts Fleas

Fleas do not like sunlight very much at all.  The light often kills the flea larvae and makes it hard for them to survive. Which is why they tend to bury themselves deep in fur and carpet like material.

This way they stay safe and are able to wreak havoc on their victim. But this does not and will not stop a flea from getting onto you.

What Attracts Fleas
What Attracts Fleas

Like most people, we love our pets and let them sit on the couch and even lay on our beds. But when we do that we open up a gateway for the fleas to navigate towards a new host.

That being us. We don’t have fur or carpet like skin. But we do have hair some more than others and fleas love that and do not mind making a home in our hair.

Washing will sometimes do the trick. But if the fleas have gotten into your bed sheets and made homes into your bed.

You may have a bigger issue on your hands. I would just throw the whole mattress away same with a couch and carpet, rug or mat etc. If you feel that it is invested with fleas get rid of it asap.


I Don’t Want To Throw Away My Mattress And Couch Etc.

What Attracts Fleas
Bug Bomb!

I understand and you may have a good reason why you choose not to and that is ok. But you must now go into full blow combat mode.

You are now at war with the fleas. I would invest in flea traps and some bug bombs. Use them as instructed and be sure to clean the area thoroughly after using a bug bomb.

You do not want to consume any of the residue left from one. It could cause you to be hospitalized and may even be fatal in some cases.

So if you are planning on using a bug bomb. Also do the proper cleaning afterwards.


How Big Are Fleas

  • Male Fleas – Are about 1 millimeter long
  • Female Fleas – Are larger and are usually around 2.5 millimeters long

Both are still very small and hard to see to us. But the females are bigger than the males.


How High Can Fleas Jump

Fleas have very strong and long legs for their size. This is what helps them as high as they do. Fleas can jump vertically 7 inches into the air and horizontally 13 inches. If you see one and it jumps it’s going to be hard to find that flea again.


Types Of Fleas

There isn’t just one breed of fleas in the world. Its multiple and I bet you didn’t even know this. There are over 2,000 types currently in the united states. I’ll name a few for you below.

  • Cat Flea
  • Human Flea
  • Rat Flea
  • Chicken Flea
  • Springtail Flea
  • Sticktight Flea
  • Sand Flea

These things are all over the world. It’s been reported that at least 19 types of fleas call Florida home.



The key to keeping fleas away is to keep the environment you live in clean. But even more important than that is to make sure you and your pets are just as clean if not cleaner.

Its various ways to tell if fleas are present.If you have bite marks on your feet and legs. This could be bedbugs or fleas.

Once you have marked bedbugs off the list. Then it is probably the other option. If you see your pet scratching frantically.

What Attracts Fleas

This isn’t always the case but it won’t hurt to get it check or do some investigating yourself.

Lastly, if you see fleas and know for a fact that it is a flea then you now know that you have flea issue on your hands.

That’s all I have for this post. Feel free to leave a comment and share this post. Have a bug free day.

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  1. Wow, there are only 2000 types of fleas?
    Huh, that’s a relief! ..not!

    Fleas can be nuisance, but fortunately not impossible to get rid of.
    Usually, after I’ve been on dog shows, I’ve discovered, in many cases that my pet got fleas.

    I’ve found the most effective way to get rid of them to mop floors & use vacuum cleaner to tidy up everything as much as possible.
    It eliminates most of the fleas & leaves them less chances to hide in dust & everything else that doesn’t belong.
    Also some lighter sprays are usually effective enough.

    Bug Bombs are new for me though.
    I’m curious if it is more like an indoors or outdoors type of solution?
    As I understand, this thing not only sprays the intended target but absolutely everything else around it.
    Looks like quite a bomb indeed.

    1. A bug bomb is usually used for a indoor bug issues. If you used it outside all the smoke would just spread out into the air

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