What Attracts Bugs – You Must See This To Believe It

What Attracts Bugs

It is very important to get rid of your bug issues as soon as possible. But it is even more important to know what brought them there in the first place. So you will know what not to do in efforts to keep them away for good.

What Attracts Bugs


  • Food – When you leave food out. You are asking for bugs and maybe even mice/rats. Bugs smell food. They do this through their antennas. This will not attract anything like a spider or something. But much worse in my opinion. Those being ants/roaches. You can add flies to this list as well.

What Attracts Bugs

But you can usually resolve this issue rather easily. By closing a window or swatting a few with a fly swatter. There are a lot of things you do not wish to come in contact with in this lifetime. Having an ant or roach issue is one and a major one at that.

Ants, unlike roaches, will create lines. You know the ant line. Where it seems like an everlasting march of ants from one place to another. This can and will go on all day. They aren’t scared of humans.

What Attracts Bugs

If you stomp your feet or clap your hands. It will not throw them off their game and they will keep marching in that single file line. This line is usually formed when the ants have found a source of food. Since they don’t have cars. They have to walk and carry their food back to their ant piles. This will go on until you either spray them and wake up to a new line in the morning.

They will come back. Or unless you clean the area where they are getting the food from and make sure there are no other places like this around. This will eventually stop the ants from coming. Because they have no reason to come. Ants just don’t want to be in your house cause they have nowhere else to stay. Ants are usually caused by food being left out/crumbs.

What Attracts Bugs

Now Roaches, on the other hand, are a lot faster and sneakier than ants. You can see them every now and then. but they would rather you not. They produce a lot faster than ants do. Like you may have one or two roaches one day. You wake up the next and have hundreds. Roaches are a lot more disrespectful than ants are.

Roaches will get in your clothes and even crawl in your mouth while you are sleep. It’s something about human saliva that roaches like. Roaches will usually run when they sense you are nearby. If you make a loud noise or anything they notice.

They are going to haul it. It is extremely hard to get rid of roaches. But it is possible. One way to help keep them out is by making sure you have no food left out and crumbs on the floor.

What Attracts Bugs

  • Messy House/Clutter – This is another big one and usually attracts roaches/mice/rats. They love this. When everything is all messy and cluttered together it makes it easier for them to hide and have babies in these areas. It makes for the perfect breeding ground. When you have a clean well put together area. It makes you less prone to deal with these issues. Cause roaches/mice/rats don’t like to be seen. So the cleaner and spaced out your area is the better.

What Attracts Bugs

  • Pets – Animals attract a few types of bugs. Two that are more common are fleas and ticks. Fleas will jump all over you and bite the mess out of you all day. If you have pets and let them into your home. It is vital that you clean them preferable outdoors and make sure you clean them thoroughly.

Ticks on the other hand. Don’t really infest or spread over your home like other bugs. But can latch onto you and suck a good amount of your blood over time if not dealt with in a timely fashion. If you let your pets in the bed with you without cleaning them. You are asking for bug problems. Clean your pets before letting them in your home/bed/couch etc.

What Attracts Bugs

  • Light – This is not that serious. But is still one of the things that attracts bugs. If the light is inside your house that’s fine. But I bet you that you have dead bugs in the cover over your light. This is because bugs are attracted to light. Why? I do not know.

But I do know that it is something about a light that bugs like. If you have a porch light and your door is right beside it. Let’s say you open it for some reason one night. Well, now you have all type of little bugs flying inside your home.

Not that they are going to spread and eat you alive overnight. But you’ll still have them in your house and that’s not cool. So with this one. Just be mindful of how you open your doors at night. More so if you have a light near your door.

What Attracts Bugs

  • Wood – If you live in the country or have to bring wood into your home for various reasons. It could be filled with bugs. The will either be inside the wood made with holes they’ve dug in the wood or because of how it has been cut. They can also be underneath the bark on the wood as well. Either way wood makes a nice home for many bugs. Such as beetles, stink bugs, and others. If you do bring wood into your home. Be sure to make sure it’s not filled with bugs. Drop it on the ground or something solid a few times and see if anything falls out.


These are basically it. Other things can play a role in why you have bugs. Like where you live and what your house was built with.


It wasn’t too extraordinary. But you can take this information and use it. It’s not hard to keep your house clean. So be sure to do that. If you intend to stay bug-free. Or unless you like roaches crawling on your face while you are sleeping. Then keep your house as messy and junkie as you want to. They will come in due time.

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  1. Hey Zach

    Wow, who ever thought of doing a blog on bugs. Hats off to you, what a great idea.

    Your website kept me intrigued right through till the end. As living in Australia, you can imagine some of the creepy crawlies we get here. So it was interesting and very informative reading through your website and picking up some great tips.

    Very clean website as well, great images and easy to navigate.

    Thanks again…


    1. Thanks for your comment. Wow all the way from Australia? Man that is so cool. Im glad you found my hobby to be interesting and I appreciate the feedback on my site. You truly inspire me to continue what i have a passion for.

  2. Hi Zach,

    Thanks for sharing great information about bugs, and how to keep on life with no bugs at all or at least not to many.

    As I live in the country in Canada, in an area where there are a few farms who grow apples, we have a problem with lady bugs, you have no idea how many of those little bugs can be inside of every house every year.

    They are no lady bugs in fact, but they look like them, some farmers got them here to help them to keep apple trees clean from other kind of bugs, they made the work but now there are so many, do you have an idea on how we can keep house free of them?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. I’m not sure what kind of bug you are talking about. But it sounds like you have a ton of them in your home. I suggest you use a Bug Bomb. I’m sure it will get rid of whatever the bug is

  3. Thanks for a really useful article. I live in Thailand and one biscuit crumb on the floor or a single drop of coke will attract a long trail of ants to it within 20 minutes flat! So I totally agree – store food and drink away and empty your rubbish often.

    I don’t mind ants too much though, but there are two bugs I hate. I mean really hate! Cockroaches and mosquitoes! Cockroaches are a constant battle, I try to keep the place clean (they don’t like the smell of bleach) and keep a bottle of spray. With mosquitoes having a screen door has really helped. Also putting the air conditioning on makes them sleepy and a fan pointing towards the bed helps ebcause they can’t fly with ‘winds’ more than 2-3 miles per hour I think.

  4. Very interesting article. I definitely hate bugs in my house. While I know they are a necessary part of the food chain, etc., there is a place for them, and it is definitely not in my mouth or house! Will take these tips to heart and keep a clean and tidy house! Thanks!

  5. What?? I didn’t know cockroaches climb into people’s mouth while they’re sleeping! That’s so disgusting!

    Thank you for all the tips on how to keep out bugs man. I definitely do not want that to happen to me.

    Could you tell me some of the potential dangers of letting bugs inside your house though? Like what diseases that you can get?


    1. It depends on the types of bugs you are leeting in your home. It also depends on if you are going to have them in a container or just let them roam freely.

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