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It is many different ways you can trap those pests. Bug traps aren’t as popular as they once were. But are still very effective and should be taken into consideration anytime you are dealing with a bug problem. Not all traps are for all types of bugs.

The ones that I’ve used in the past that are specifically targeted to kill one type of bug did its job. In this post, I’ll just give you a brief rundown of bug traps. Just like I did with bug sprays. It won’t be long. It will be short and sweet straight to the point.


Types of Bug Traps

Bug Traps


These aren’t in order and are products I’ve used in the past myself. These traps will be used for many different types of bugs. I will write reviews on each in the future.

  • Catchmaster 904
  • Bugstrap
  • Trapper Max
  • Victor
  • Combat Roach Killing Bait
  • Black Flag Roach Killer
  • JT Eaton
  • Safer Brand 5025 Houseplant Insect Traps
  • Aspectek
  • Hot Shot
  • Spectracide
  • Trapro Cockroach Traps


These are just a few and like I mentioned earlier. All of these are things I’ve used myself. I will do more reviews on many other brands and types in due time. But for now, I’m going to focus my post on these. Until I have written about my experience with each. After that, we will then move forward and tackle others.



We are reaching closer to the point where I can start actually reviewing these products and giving you some real life experiences I’ve had with them. What I’m doing here now is just laying the groundwork for this magnificent building packed with various ways of bug-slaughtering.

You will not want to miss out on the boat loads of information I’m going to drop on this website very soon. So be sure to bookmark or favorite my site to be one step ahead of your 6 legged friends.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what traps you’ll be reviewing in the future. Are you planning to go over rodent traps at all or just bug traps?

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