What Are Bug Bombs – Those Pests Will Never See It Coming

Bug Bombs

Sometimes just regular sprays aren’t going to phase your 6 legged friends. Which means you have to come with something bigger and better. Not many people even know that this is a thing. But it is and very effective at that.

It isn’t always the first thing to go for. But depending on what you have previously done or how big the bug situation is. You may not have another choice. This is the M.O.A.B of all bug killers.


Bug Bombs

Bug Bombs

No, you can’t literally blow bugs up. Well, you can. But it wouldn’t be beneficial to your house or safety doing such. So we will stick with the more humane way of handling bug issues.

A bug bomb is basically a fogger that fogs up the area that it is thrown in. With a fog filled with things that bugs don’t like and it kills them. But I want to warn you to be very careful when using bug bombs.

If you do not know how to use them correctly. Get in touch with someone who does. There are a few things you will want to make sure you do before cracking open a bug bomb in your home. Like the following below.


  • Make sure that you have all of your food/cups/plates/silverware etc. covered or in a safe place. You don’t want to eat anything with the poison of bug killer on it. That won’t be good at all.


  • If you have pets/children etc. get them out of the area where you are planning to place the bug bomb.


  • Clean the area thoroughly after you have used a bug bomb. You want to make sure that everything is clean and you minimize your chances of getting sick from lingering bug bomb residue.


  • Use safety equipment such as gloves and safety glasses and anything else you deem necessary.


  • Do not use them around any lit flame. So if you have a fireplace or candle that is active. Be sure to put those out before using a bug bomb. If not you could burn your house down very quickly.


  • Do not play with bug bombs. The name sounds cool and all. But these things can hurt you if not handled carefully. The fog if inhaled can be really bad. If it gets in your eyes I’m sure it will be equivalent to getting pepper sprayed. You don’t want that feeling to trust me.


You now have the safety information cleared and marked off the checklist. Now I’m going to name a few brands you can buy in various local stores and every online


Bug Bombs

Bug Bomb Brands

  • Hot Shot
  • Raid
  • Black Flag
  • Spectracide
  • Pyrethrum
  • Atlas
  • Killer Green

These are to name a few. Some names you are familiar with from Bug Traps and Bug Sprays. For the others not so much. But it is ok. I will review all of them over time.

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  1. This seems like a really effective way of treating bugs. Although I highly doubt if I could treat the cockroaches in my house using this?
    There are quite a few of those in my house and it is really disgusting when they come out in the night time. Can you suggest something that would help me get rid of them as well?

    1. Never doubt the bug bomb. It kills cockroaches. You just have to buy the right one. Certain bug bombs are for certain bugs. It will give a list of what it kiss on the pack or in the item description if you are ordering online.

  2. Hi,

    I have a bit of a bug problem that I would like to get rid of however this product does sound a little scary to say the least.

    How long must you keep the area evacuated after using it? and how quickly does it kill the bugs?



  3. Hi Zach!

    I always have ants around the house, I guess the hot weather attracts them and God help me if I leave crumbs or any kind of food on a counter or the table… man! That means hundreds of them all of a sudden!

    I usually spray the places where I find them and that keeps them away for a while, but they always end up coming back…

    Do you think this bombs are effective in these cases or it’s just for bigger bugs?


    1. Bug Bombs are effective for all bugs in my opinion. They are more effective on ants and roaches for some reason. They have different bug bombs for different bugs. But my experience with them. Ive seen them kill bugs that it said it wouldn’t on the package.

  4. Hi Zach,
    I’ve used bug bombs a few to get rid of the fleas my kitties brought home. But eventually, kitties bring them back unless I pay for very expensive flea meds for them. Any suggestions on how to minimize the fleas other than keeping my cat inside? Yowling and howling would ensue for hours if I try to keep her inside when she wants to be outside, so that’s not an option.

    Do you have a personal favorite brand among the bug bombs? And is the bug bomb the last resort to try after other methods fail, or do you think it’s best to just use the bombs and be done with it?

    1. There isn’t a type I like more than the other. I would suggest if you didn’t get the results you wanted with the bug bomb is to seek professional help from an bug exterminator.

  5. This seems like a great idea to kill the bugs especially now that it is summer time in my area and they are setting up camp. I have a baby in my home. Is there a certain amount of time we have to stay out the home? Or can we go back right after it’s done? Also, should the furniture be covered as well or that is not really necessary.

    1. They say you don’t have to cover fruniter etc. But i would anyway and as far as the baby goes. I wouldn’t bring them back into the area until the smell is gone and you have throughly wiped and cleaned everything the baby could have access to.

  6. Somehow a pregnant fly got in my house, so you know what THAT means. Everything’s covered up, so they’re not getting much nutrition – one even drowned in my home made (you know, cider vinegar, water, covered with plastic wrap with little holes) fruit fly trap. Unfortunately I am Old (almost 80) so I don’t relish, even if I were able, crawling around everywhere and covering & uncovering all the furniture within a day or two so my dogs can come home from their nanny’s, so called for the excessively good care she takes of them, & who would take them for as long as necessary, but still – do I let the flies die of old age? I live in Upstate New York, so you know it’s going to get cold soon. I don’t think I can afford a Professional Fly Assassin. Help!

    1. No, I say that because the flies won’t just die off of old age. They will keep reproducing inside your home. You will soon see maggot larva in areas like your trashcan or places alike. It’s best to get you a bug bomb/fogger and let it do the hard work for you. While the bug bomb/fogger is doing its job. You could also invest in a bug light. You know one of those big blue bug lights that zaps bugs as they touch it. They work well with flies also.

  7. I am worried about using a bug bomb myself. I am not confident that I will do it right.

    It seems like some thing the exterminators would do. My house has an open plane. How do you know what size or how many bombs to use?

    1. Depending on the area size and how bad the bug issue is. Usually you won’t need more than one but in the most serious of cases I’ve seen people use up to 3.

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