What Attracts Fleas – Small Thing Big Results

What Attracts Fleas

Fleas are similar to bed bugs and do not wish to eat your food. They aren’t even attracted to it. Just like bedbugs, they are attracted to you and your warmth. Along with a few other things like carbon dioxide and vibrations. This can go for just about any mammal. All mammals are subject to contracting fleas. If you do or have a pet that does. It can be a nightmare…

What Attracts Flies – Hard To Kill But Not Impossible To Achieve

What Attracts Flies

Flies are like the buzzards of the bug world. They are usually not far behind a dead animal or spoiled food and stinky trash. Just to name a few. Flies love these kinds of things and in this post, I will discuss what attracts flies. Keep in mind that there are a vast amount of fly types. I will touch on that also. All flies aren’t the same.   What Attracts…

What Attracts Bed Bugs – Know Your Enemy

What Attracts Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are devious little critters that feast on you in your sleep. They aren’t fast and don’t really just lay out in plain sight for you to see them. But they do leave marks and residue. So if they are present. You might not see them. But you will know that they are there. In this article, we will go over what attracts them. So you can be sure…

What Are Bug Bombs – Those Pests Will Never See It Coming

Bug Bombs

Sometimes just regular sprays aren’t going to phase your 6 legged friends. Which means you have to come with something bigger and better. Not many people even know that this is a thing. But it is and very effective at that. It isn’t always the first thing to go for. But depending on what you have previously done or how big the bug situation is. You may not have another choice. This is the…

What Attracts Bugs – You Must See This To Believe It

What Attracts Bugs

It is very important to get rid of your bug issues as soon as possible. But it is even more important to know what brought them there in the first place. So you will know what not to do in efforts to keep them away for good. What Attracts Bugs   Food – When you leave food out. You are asking for bugs and maybe even mice/rats. Bugs smell food….