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Blue Mud Wasp

It’s very rare that you actually see this particular type of Wasp flying around or outside of its nest. Its possible and you might but it’s rare.

You do however see their nests all over the place. More so in certain places of the world than others.

They look like this.

Mud Wasp:Dauber Nests
Mud Wasp/Dauber Nests

Look familiar huh? I know its rigging bells now.

In this post, I will go over a few key things you need to know about this incest and I will sum it up with how you can demolish the vermin if you so desire.


Is It Mud Wasp Or Mud Dauber?

Is It Mud Wasp Or Mud Dauber?

Its either they both essentially mean the same thing. Saying one or the other isn’t wrong or is to say the other word doesn’t have as much value.

Depending on where you are located in the world. Will likely determine which version you use.

I, however, like to use mud wasp when I have conversations with others.


Are Mud Wasps/Daubers Aggressive?

Mud Wasp Nest Zoomed In
Mud Wasp Nest Zoomed In


No, not necessarily. Unlike other wasp species, they don’t pile up on the nest and wait to wreak havoc on an unlucky specimen who happens to get too close.

Mud Wasp do not usually have many if any wasp guarding the nest.

You can often time walk by their nests without having to rush or fear for your life. Like you would with a Yellow Jacket or Hornet’s nest.

I’m not saying they aren’t capable of attacking you and I’m sure they could deliver a painful sting. But they aren’t looking for trouble and most likely won’t bother you unless you really bother them.


Can Mud Wasp Infest Your Home – No

These are wasp, not bed bugs or fleas.

These insects tend to stay outdoors and build nests in high or low corners, walls, or anywhere that is out of the way and fit for the mud they make their nests out of.


Whats Inside The Nest Of A Mud Wasp/Dauber

Inside A Mud Wasp Nest
Inside A Mud Wasp Nest

There may be a few fully developed wasp inside one or multiple nests at any given time.

Do not stick your finger or eye inside a nest to find out. Doing so could result in a finger prick that your doctor didn’t schedule.

The other wasp may be out and about doing various things. The actual nest usually houses eggs and food for their baby wasp once they hatch.


What Happens To A Mud Wasp Nest If Not Destroyed

It will usually last many years if its unbothered by humans or animals looking for food.

Mud Wasp Nest
Mud Wasp Nests

These nests are made up of mud and a few more things to make them the hard sturdy structures they become once complete.

Most of the time after the eggs have hatched and the wasps have moved on. The abandoned nest will be used by other waspsbees or insects, in general, that could benefit from the structure.


This cycle will continue to happen until the nest is destroyed.

These nests are very durable and strong. It is a fact that mud dauber nests have brought down airplanes and killed many people.

These Flights All Dealt With Issues Related To Mud Wasp Nests




  • Gulfstream N450KK – April 10, 2015 – No deaths were caused. But major flight issues were caused by mud wasp nests.


What Do Mud Wasp Eat

Small Spiders
Small Spiders

Unlike ants and roaches that will eat virtually anything that has a good taste. Mud wasp only eat other insects. Mainly small spiders and things alike.


What Do Mud Wasp/Daubers Look Like


How To Get Rid Of Mud Wasp/Daubers

How To Get Rid Of Mud Wasp-Daubers - Spray Bottles
How To Get Rid Of Mud Wasp-Daubers – Spray Bottles

Even though they don’t bother you. Some people just like to be on the safe side so to speak.

If you have Mud wasp nests around your home or in areas where you live. You can simply put an end to the nests functionally fairly quickly.

Since the wasp arent on the outside of the nest guarding that way. It makes it easier for you to get closer to the nest and produce a more direct or targeted attack.

Wasp spray will do the trick without any need for extra activities. Now spraying the wasp nest on the outside will not do much if anything at all to the actual wasp or baby wasp inside the structure.

You will need to make sure when you spray it’s going directly into one of the holes on the nest. This will ensure that if something wasp-like is inside of there. After you have administered this spray. Its very likely whatever insect you contacted with it is dead or on its way.

Mud Dauber Nest
Mud Dauber Nest

Now that the wasp are pretty much dead and harmless at this point. You are left with one or more nests to decide what you are going to do with them.

Depending on where they are located may weigh in on your decision to devour the nest after you’ve killed the wasp inside.

If it’s on something like a lawn more, car or anything that could harm or kill you from mud malfunctions. I would suggest you handle it as soon as possible.

Black & Yellow Mud Wasp
Black & Yellow Mud Wasp

If mud wasp nests can take down airplanes. They will have a field day with smaller items like cars etc.

If you use these items often then the chances of a mud wasp nest being present is decreased substantially.

Mud wasp build these nest with mud and it’s not hard at first. It takes time to not only build but harden also. If you are constantly moving something that is supposed to be still. The product will never get produced.

They tend to build nests on stable unbothered structures. Like the side of your home, corners, and walls underneath your garage.

How To Get Rid Of Mud Wasp:Daubers 

To remove these nests is hard at all and my favorite way of doing so is by simply spraying the nest with my water hose to soften up the mud. Most of the time this method alone will solve the issue. Putting your water hose on the jet feature works the best.

Spray until the nest just melts off the wall or structure its located on. Remember its mud based so all its going to do is turn into liquid. You may see eggs or dead wasp fall from some. Nothing to be alarmed about as long as they are in fact dead.



Now you can go out and destroy all of the Mud wasp nests that your heart desires. Remember they aren’t aggressive. But like most things. Nothing shows its true colors/capabilities until provoked.

Be safe and use precaution if you do plan on taking down a mud wasp nest.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing your personal experience or response to the information above.

Feel free to leave a comment and share I will be sure to get back with you in a timely fashion.

Thank you for reading and please come again.

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  1. Don’t think that we get this particular kind of wasp in the United Kingdom ?

    What do these wasps do for the environment? If they don’t harm us and are good for the environment, why should we kill them ?

    Wouldn’t we be taking away the food that is needed by an animal that preys on these wasps ?

    1. Um I’m not really sure what wasp are good for. If they’re in your space and if it makes you uncomfortable you should remove them. Wasp sting and they love getting you right under the arm/armpit. If they aren’t causing you any immediate harm then leave em be. But if they are then you know what to do.

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