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How to bug

Hey there everyone. I’m Zach and I have been through the ringer with bugs in my lifetime. From bed bugs, roaches, ants, wasp/hornets, stink bugs, fleas you name it.

I no longer have any of these issues anymore. I can say it does feel good not to have to worry about those pests anymore. Here I will show you the best methods to get rid of your bug problems.

I will also guide you on what to use and how to use it. You will become your very own homemade bug exterminator.


About Me

I’m 35 and I have lived in many different areas in the world. I’m from Boston. But was raised in North Dakota. I have lived in South Carolina and New jersey. So yeah I’ve been around.

My dad was a truck driver. So we moved with him all over the place. I became a truck driver and I guess I’m following his footsteps so to speak. With all that traveling, though.

I was exposed to all kinds of bug issues some I was aware of and others not so much. It eventually caused me to turn into the bug slaying machine I am today. I have been stung, bit, had bugs crawl on me and in my food the whole nine.

It was hectic. I have plenty of horror stories for you indeed. You will get all of them in various posts on my website.


What Will You Learn Here

Safe and effective ways to solve any bug problem you are experiencing. I have tried many different methods and I can tell you valuable information on just about all of them.

It can seem almost impossible to rid of bugs. But it is very possible and you will see that for yourself by following the information I’ll provide for you here on my website.


What Will You Use

You will use a large variety of methods all geared towards different bugs and eliminating them permanently. Not just your traditional bug spray and hope for the best method.

Even though this is still a very effective way of getting rid of certain bugs. Not all bugs will bow down to bug spray and need something a bit stronger to subdue them. You will learn all about that as well.

No, you cannot use a flamethrower or a Nuke. Even though it does seem ideal for an angry hornet’s nest. Those things are no joke and need to be dealt with extremely carefully. I was stung in the neck by one and still have the scar to remind me each day.

This is going to be fun. I look forward to informing you on how to solve your bug issues. I’m friendly and I also have a very good sense of humor. You will have you laugh out loud moments on my site for sure. But at the same time getting serious information. That you can use right away.

I thank you for stopping by. I will get your bug problemed solved.


Founder of How To Bug


email – howtobug@yahoo.com